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Updated: Apr 19, 2019

Moto Guo


Moto Guo Malaysian based fashion designer Moto Guo is founder and artistic director of his eponymous menswear label, officially launched in 2015. He is an alumni from Raffles College of Higher Education. Much like a storyteller, he weaves his works to form a tale. The seemingly quirky textures and shapes applied in his designs are telling of the designer’s eccentricity. Moto often glaze his collection with a layer of cynical, self-deprecating humour, not unlike stamping a signature over them. Most importantly, he is a skeptic.

Chin Menswear


‭ ‬自輔仁大學織品服裝學系畢業後,台灣設計師王慶宇前往英國中央聖馬丁藝術學院的男裝部就讀,並在英國品牌Jonathan Saunders實習期間受到Jonathan的賞識,同時也啟發了他在色彩的使用上的敏銳度及實驗性。其後更在Alexander McQueen男裝部實習期間更進一步深化並嫻熟英式西裝剪裁方式,奠定了他在設計上的風格基調。 ‭ ‬2015年開始,王慶宇在英國倫敦創設了自己的男裝品牌Chin Menswear,同時倫敦發表Chin Menswear第一季AW15系列,持續每年春夏與秋冬兩季都在巴黎男裝時裝週Showroom展出,其獨特的設計風格受到Dazed and Confused、Vogue等國際時裝媒體關注與專文介紹。 ‭ ‬Chin Menswear一直保有中性而略帶有女性的柔美氣質。在材質選用上使用的與常見的男裝布料如西裝布、襯衫布等做為基調,再透過剪裁拼接、不對稱的線條與暴露肌膚的設計等。大膽地以融入女裝元素來挑戰正統男裝普遍的單一與乏味,在不平衡與和諧中以獨特美感挑戰自我與觀眾的視野與品味。 ‭ ‬而這樣的獨特路線受到了關注新創設計的外國買家,如Open‭ ‬Ceremony的青睞,使Chin Menswear成為其在台灣第一個合作的男裝品牌;其他合作的國際買家還有Ssense、Odd92k、Soop Soop、Grapevine by K3及The Four-eyed等。

In 2014‭, ‬Chin graduated from Central Saint Martins and established his eponymous label‭.‬ In april 2015‭, ‬Chin released his first collection‭, ‬then released spring summer 2016‭ ‬collection in October 2015‭.‬ This is also the collection he started to‭ ‬be featured by major fashion medias such as‭ ‬Dazed‭ & ‬Confused‭. ‬The Spring summer 2017‭ ‬collection is the first collection on the market‭ ‬and made its mark immediately with buyers like Opening Ceremony‭, ‬The 4‭ ‬eyed and‭ ‬Ssense‭. ‬In 2016‭, ‬Chin was chosen Vogue talents by Vogue Italia and invited to present his‭ ‬collection during Milan men's fashion week‭.‬ Chin Menswear explores the definition of menswear and provides customers a new way of‭ ‬thinking of menswear‭. ‬It's a case of old meets new‭, ‬male meets female‭. ‬The signature‭ ‬products of the label are its clean cut tailoring jackets and vibrant colour knitwear‭,‬‭ ‬incorporating‭ ‬femininity into details‭. ‬The label of Chin Menswear is to supply customers‭ ‬joyful experiences of wearing clothes and give positive prospects for lives‭.‬


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