「At the Venue在場」是一個全新形態概念品牌,


At the Venue的品牌精神強調參與性,讓設計師能夠參與更完整的開發過程,並且提供可租借的開放工作室和展示空間,增進紡織產業與設計師間的交流。

“At the Venue” – a brand new concept where a community of independent knitwear designers are connected to create, identify, and share resources which ultimately transforms into making knitwear pieces with trend-setting market vision and value.
Our mission is to inspire all individuals to come together and become part of our community, where designers are fully engaged and being hands-on throughout every step during the development process. We provide open working spaces and workshops where all designers can collaborate together, and to cross boundaries between independent brands and the garment industry.


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